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Artist Statement

Nature, wildlife and environmentalism are the subjects I tend to return to in my art. Nature provides expansive visual opportunities for the exploration of the elements of art and design, line, color, texture and more. But, as importantly, nature allows me to be expressive about the things I care about such as environmentalism, justice, acceptance and peace.  My goal is to delight and engage the viewer, communicate hope and respect, while also recognizing roadblocks to equity and justice. I thrive in artistic environments that draw a diverse range of thought and expression from fellow artists. 

Printmaking is my preferred medium, though I also have experience with oil, watercolor, sumi-e, and digital art. I use various printmaking techniques like drypoint intaglio, monotype, woodcut, and collograph, all produced with an artist's press.

As a printmaker, former art director in entertainment and technology, and educator, I have a wealth of experience to draw on in my creative process. I am an early adopter of technology and have used tools such as Photoshop since its introduction in the early '90s. I am equally comfortable with a brush, brayer, stylus, or mouse. I am as proficient in drawing as in animating. While I use digital tools frequently, nothing compares to the feel and sound of fine art paper or the layered viscosity of well-mixed ink.

In the past couple of years I carry an audio recorder and camera with me frequently on hikes, exploring bird habitats. In this manner, I record sounds and images which I combine in my work to showcase both audio and imagery of my subject matter where possible. 

As a printmaker I employ the most up-to-date methods for making art. I use Akua inks exclusively and strive to make my practice as sustainable, non-toxic and eco-friendly as possible. My work is always printed on premium quality archival paper. 


By donating most of my proceeds, I channel my passion for creating art towards supporting organizations that support arts education and the environment. 

Thank you for visiting my website.

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